Age Of Consent And Deviancy w/Jay

Age Of Consent And Deviancy w/Jay

Jay of Slurpgang joined me to talk age of consent, sexual culture, deviancy, and fulfillment. Jay twitter Slurpgang 19 Skills Pdf Autonomy Course Critical Thinking Course Donate Patreon

Not All Cops Are Child Rapists

But lots of them are. And they always get away with it, like Joshua Skaggs. Cop Admits to Sexual Abusing 2 Young Girls, Instead of 30 Years, He Got Just 60 Days in Jail “The youngest daughter told us she was terrified he would hurt her or our family, and because he...

‘C’mon Man, I Thought You Liked Me’

Biden's former intern describes being sexually assaulted by the now-Democratic Party frontrunner in 1993. Sounds credible except for the fact that she wasn't pre-pubescent at the time, which seems to be his primary pathology....

It’s a Metaphor, You Idiots

Clint Eastwood is not saying that Atlanta Journal reporter Kathy Scruggs traded sex for new stories. He's saying that she was a whore. This is entirely accurate. And she was not alone. Kathy Scruggs was and will always be a disgrace to journalism and humanity. Just...

FBI: New ‘Investigative Steps’ on Clinton Emails

Oh, what fun. So it says here this is all about Hillary's aide Huma Abedin's husband Anthony Wiener and the federal investigation into him sexting with a 15 year old. Turns out there were apparently some things in his email account he was not supposed to have. Like...



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