Ars Technica: Millions of documents from >200 US police agencies published in “BlueLeaks” trove Millions of law enforcement documents—some showing pictures of suspects, bank account numbers, and other sensitive information—has been published on a website that holds...

Daniel McCarthy: Why Biden’s America Loves A Lockdown

Daniel McCarthy at The Spectator Their is growing divide in America between the professional class represented by the people that work in government, at universities and in the corporate boardroom; and the American working class.  The professional American class is...


Sorry sir, the computer says that now it is time for you to be a particular individual in jail.

bitcoin is Dead: Part 2

bitcoin is Dead: Part 2

Click here for Part 1 For the audio version, check out my podcast A Boy Named Pseu where you can download it on all podcast platforms. (read starts at 8:54) Read full piece here. If bitcoin is dead, then everyone abandoned the network By mere speculation the, WSJ...



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