And Just Like That, The Culture Changed

I’ve heard some people compare the existence of the TSA (I used this erroneously for a while) to mask wearing, social distancing and lock downs as proof that the people will accept changes that are clearly theater and inconveniences when they are in fear. The problem...

It’s Not About Osama bin Laden

It’s Not About Osama bin Laden

On FPF #401, I argue that the war on terror is not about stopping and killing terrorists. From Afghanistan to the TSA at your local airport, what the government is doing to "prevent terrorism" is not about stopping the next 9/11. Most Americans still believe the...

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Haha. If you've got the patience, check out Cathy Young and Reason magazine's ridiculous attack on Ron Paul and Antiwar.com to go along with a giant steaming pile of Tom Palmer horseshit about the most dangerous threat to libertarianism -- Tsar Vlad the Terrible of...

News Roundup 3/5/17

The Russia-gate conspiracy theory could push Trump to take a dangerous hard-line approach against Russia. [Link] Trump claims that President Obama was eavesdropping on phone calls. Trump has yet to provide proof this was happening. [Link] TSA patdowns will become more...



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