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Breonna Taylor’s Boyfriend’s 911 Call

Kenneth Walker clearly had no idea that the men who murdered his girlfriend were members of his local security force. For weeks they called her a "suspect" to dehumanize her -- every single member of local TV news surely went along with this as they always do -- and...

News Roundup 3/9/19

Kelley Vlahos breaks down how different political factions are reacting to the BDS Movement. [Link] The EUROCOM commander calls for more US troops and warships to be deployed to Europe. He also said the US is considering sending more weapons to Ukraine. [Link] The...

Judge Nap Suspended

It's not certain that he's fired yet, but it doesn't look good. We don't know who 2 of his sources were, but apparently, the one he named, former CIA analyst Larry Johnson, has told the New York Times that he hadn't even talked to Nap before the story and that the...

The Antiwar Comic: Only Certain News is Fit to Print

So, I was pretty shocked about the WikiLeaks revelations.  I mean, I always suspected the media was compromised, but I never really understood the full extent until I saw the headlines of the little meetings they were having. For more comics visit The Webcomic...



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