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Another Successful Fundraiser and the Year Ahead

Another Successful Fundraiser and the Year Ahead

I cannot express how grateful I am, and all the staff and writers here at the Institute are, for your vote of confidence in our work. We've got an incredible year ahead. I'm working on my new book with Darryl Cooper now, Provoked: America's Role in the Russia-Ukraine...

An America First Labor Day

An America First Labor Day

I hope you had a fun and celebratory Labor Day weekend. I’d like to speak to you about that holiday, and why it connects to the mission of Bring Our Troops Home. John L. Lewis was a labor organizer, and for forty years served as president of the United Mine Workers of...

More Interviews of Me

Take Human Action Bash 2021 - LP Mises Caucus event Scott Horton on the LP, Gaza and Vaccine Passports - Lions of Liberty - starts about 20 minutes in The Continuing Israel/Palestine Conflict w/ Scott Horton - Pete Quinones Afghanistan: graveyard of empires, pundits...



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