Kyle Kulinski Doesn’t Understand Slavery

Kyle Kulinski Doesn’t Understand Slavery

UBI = Slavery. Social Security = Slavery. Universal Healthcare = Slavery. Wage Slavery = FREEDOM. - Kyle Kulinski (@seculartalk) If "wage slavery" is in fact slavery, Kulinski and the like must advocate abolishing College since it requires thousands of hours of work...

This is your security force

Think Twice Before Calling the Cops: The Deadly Cost of Police Welfare Checks "cops sent out on welfare checks ended up shooting or killing the very people they were supposed to assist in at least 178 cases over the course of three years."

52 Progressive Myths – Book Summary

52 Progressive Myths – Book Summary

https://youtu.be/jnqYbimvhLo ... in the free market of voluntary exchanges, the “strong” do no devour or crush the “weak,” contrary to common assumptions about the nature of the free-market economy. On the contrary, it is precisely on the free market where the “weak”...

News Roundup 4/30/21

News Roundup 4/30/21

US News A woman has been charged with a felony for not returning a VHS tape from 1999. [Link] A CA study found massive racial bias in the child welfare system. Half of the black and Native American children received a visit from the state at some time during their...



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