Wrongful Conviction

News Roundup 4/29/21

News Roundup 4/29/21

US News The state of Michigan’s multi-million fund to pay out settlements for wrongful convictions is facing a $7 billion deficit. [Link] The FDA is considering a ban on menthol cigarettes this week. [Link] Sam Power was confirmed to head USAID. [Link] Great Power...

Prosecutors: The Worst Criminals in Our Society

From the Center on Wrongful Convictions (Imagine for a moment that this was about your mom or sister or wife): We are writing with the wonderful news that we have come to the end of the long road towards the exoneration of Ernestine “Tina” Jimerson, the first case...

News Roundup 1/6/17

Former CIA Director James Woolsey quits the Trump Transition Team. [Link] Trump tweets that if Toyota builds a car manufacturing plant in Mexico, then he will impose a big border tax to sell the cars in the US. [Link] National Security Director James Clapper testifies...



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Israel Winner of the 2003 Iraq Oil War

Israel Winner of the 2003 Iraq Oil War

From the Foreword by Lawrence B. Wilkerson: “[T]he debate over whether oil was a principal reason for the 2003 invasion has waxed and waned, with one camp arguing that it absolutely was, while the other argues the precise opposite.” “Mr. Vogler, himself a former...

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