The Double Essentialism of Zionism

Zionism, the Jewish nationalist philosophy that underlies the state of Israel, entails two kinds of essentialism: Jewishness for Jews and anti-Semitism for gentiles. In other words, no matter how hard they try, Jews cannot stop being Jewish and gentiles cannot stop...

Rights of Return Compared

Israel's defenders often ask how third-generation Palestinians can possibly be recognized as refugees with a right of return to the properties from which the Zionists drove their grandparents in 1947-48. But didn't those Zionists, most of whom had arrived ony three...

What Is Judaism?

From Rabbi Elmer Berger's A Partisan History of Judaism: The Jewish Case against Zionism (1951): Judaism evolved from a primitive tribalism to as noble a spiritual and universal vision as man has ever attained. This fact attests, even without detailed proof, to the...

Is the Bible a Title Deed?

I was asked on Facebook, "What is your response to many Jews and Christians who believe the Bible makes it clear that the land belongs to the Jews?" Here's is my (slightly edited) response: The Bible isn't a history book, and archaeology has not been kind to it. See...

New Institute Book: Coming to Palestine

My new book, Coming to Palestine, will be available soon. It's the fruit of more than 30 years of writing about the Palestine-Israel conflict. Watch for it! In the meantime, listen here to my interview with Peter R. Quinones about it.

All Libertarians Oppose Zionism

Because it's nothing but fascism. 'You threw a stone.' Video shows armed Israeli soldiers forcibly seizing 9-year-old Palestinian boy in his school https://t.co/G3ILdyMkcm pic.twitter.com/LYYvMKIy20— CNN (@CNN) April 1, 2019 Story here.

Zionists Are Hilarious

Check out the apartheid lobby's awesome, entertaining reaction to The New Jim Crow author Michelle Alexander's Op-Ed against Israel in the New York Times. They don't know what to do. Hasbara doesn't work any more. Israel has all the power and the Palestinians are...



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