Stranger Encounters Ep 39: Now It’s Personal

Stranger Encounters Ep 39: Now It’s Personal

In Episode 39 of Stranger Encounters Tommy opens up on a more personal level.

At age twenty-one, after two years of struggling as the head of a young expanding family, Tommy caught a flight out of Houston to Ft Benning, GA to begin training as an infantryman. The next eight months changed his life, sent him into a downward spiral, and left him dealing with depression and anxiety for the next eleven years.

Today Tommy must face the struggle head on as his seventeen year old son decides to embark on a similar journey and join the Marines.

Join Tommy as he dives into his past, explores the depths of his emotional history, and recounts his experiences in an attempt to address the dilemma he currently faces.

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Stranger Encounters Ep 36: It’s Not About Socialism; It’s About Liberty

Stranger Encounters Ep 36: It’s Not About Socialism; It’s About Liberty

Before you dig into this episode please take a minute to visit and contribute to Justin Raimondo’s medical expenses as he continues to fight stage four lung cancer. Justin has been an extremely important voice in the antiwar movement, and despite his advancing illness he continues to fight for life and liberty by opposing US foreign policy.

In Episode 36 of Stranger Encounters Tommy takes on the talking points surrounding possible war with Iran and Venezuela.

Every time the US government decides to intervene in another country it means less freedom for the citizens of the US. Supporting US efforts to destroy other countries in the face of this fact is the reason that the truth about what is happening in Venezuela and Iran is so important.

There’s so many more details to cover, but the only way to take on this topic with a different perspective, a broad outlook, was to avoid some of the finer details and focus on the freedoms lost when the US involves itself in other nation’s affairs.

This Episode contains harsh language.


The Antiwar Comic:  The Perceived Narrative

Trump: NATO Is ‘No Longer Obsolete’

Continues to Demand Nations Increase Military Spending

After fueling a lot of tensions with his comments during the 2016 campaign that NATO is an obsolete alliance, President Trump today declared that the alliance is “no longer obsolete” following meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

Though Trump presented this in part as NATO having capitulated to his demands for the alliance to be reorganized around fighting against ISIS, the comments will also be seen in the context of soaring tensions between the US and Russia.

NATO was, after all, designed to fight the Soviet Union, and Trump’s comments on obsolescence were in the context of his call for improved US-Russia relations. Now that he seems firmly on the side of further hostility toward Russia, it appears to shore up his view of NATO.

But while Trump offered “praise” to some extent in saying the alliance was obsolete, he continued to complain about a number of members who don’t “pay what they owe” and “meet their financial obligations,” continuing to press for all NATO members to spend at least 2% of their GDP.

Despite presenting this as an obligation, there is nothing within the rules of NATO to compel members to spend so much, and many nations have openly refused to spend 2% of their GDP, despite the Trump Administration continuing to hype that as a goal.

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The Antiwar Comic:  The Perceived Narrative

RIP Will Grigg

Will Grigg, full name William Norman Grigg, passed away today after a series of hospitalizations. He was much too young to leave us.

Will was a dedicated voice for liberty, and a prolific writer and blogger on the subjects of police misconduct and police militarization. An archive of the many articles he wrote for is here. He also appeared on our Mises Weekends show discussing the growing police state.

Will was a gentle soul but an indomitable spirit. He will be missed.

Republished from the Mises Institute.

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