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News Roundup 5/22/20

News Roundup 5/22/20

US News The Senate confirms John Ratcliffe as Director of National Intelligence. [Link] Trump’s arms control negotiator says the US is prepared to spend Russia and China into oblivion to win another nuclear arms race. [Link] China A bipartisan group of Senators will...

Announcing a New Arms Race guest Will Porter

Tulsi, Kashmir, and Iran

On FPF #384 I cover Tulsi Gabbard's positions on BDS, India's crackdown in Kashmir, and Iran possibly seizing an Iranian ship in the Gulf. Last week, Tulsi voted for a bill that condemned BDS. She received some criticism from her base and has now become a cosponsor of...

News Roundup 12/6/18

A Colorado police officer that killed an innocent man in his home will not face charges. [Link] The CIA briefs select Senators on the Khashoggi murder. [Link] The Senators who attended the briefing feel more convinced that MbS is guilty of ordering the murder of Jamal...

11/12/18 Tom Woods on World War I

The great Tom Woods joins the show in honor of the hundred-year anniversary of Armistice Day to give a rundown of World War I. Decades of complex alliances and arms races, he explains, led to the powder keg that erupted catastrophically in 1914 with a single...

News Roundup 3/21/18

The police officer who shot and killed Justine Damond has finally been charged with murder. [Link] Sacramento police shoot and kill a young man. Police report mistaking a cell phone for a gun. The two police officers shot the man 20 times. [Link] The Senate votes to...



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