The Lie of Rwanda

The Lie of Rwanda

When Barack Obama launched his war against Libya in 2011, a war that resulted in a bloody chaos that continues to this day, Susan Rice and Samantha Power both invoked the memory of Rwanda as justification. According to them, Muammar Qaddafi was on the verge of...

Robert Gates Has Dementia

Poor old guy has no idea that he is literally the one and only single human man who was secretary of defense of the United States of America at the start of the Libya war in 2011. The way he remembers it, he had nothing to do with the war at all. "The consequences of...

News Roundup 8/12/19

News Roundup 8/12/19

US News The US tells Germany that it must increase defense spending to 2% of GDP - the NATO target - or risk the US moving troops deployed in Germany to Poland. [Link] Defense Secretary Esper visits Mongolia on a mission to build ties. [Link] Korean Peace The ongoing...



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