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News Roundup 6/29/21

News Roundup 6/29/21

US News Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas says the federal ban on cannabis is contradictory and maybe unconstitutional. [Link] The city of San Francisco spent over $18 million to put 260 homeless people in tents during the pandemic. [Link] Iran Biden told the...

News Roundup 6/29/21

News Roundup 6/15/21

US News California will spend $100 million to try to help the legal cannabis business compete with the illegal sellers. [Link] Biden backs a House bill that will repeal the 2002 AUMF. [Link] USAID is giving El Salvador $115 million. About half of the money will go to...

News Roundup 6/29/21

News Roundup 5/17/21

US News A Louisville detective, Mark Handy, was sentenced to a year in prison for falsifying evidence and testimony that led to four men serving decades in jail. One of the men has been released after ten years and received $8.5 million from the city. [Link] A North...

News Roundup 4/14/21

News Roundup 4/14/21

US News FBI special agent James Hendricks was labeled by his colleagues as a “skilled predator” and the DoJ IG found he sexually harassed at least eight women. After being exposed as a predator, he was allowed to retire with benefits. [Link] Marvin Scott was arrested...

News Roundup 6/29/21

News Roundup 4/13/21

US News New Mexico legalizes marijuana. The bill doesn’t legalize the sale of cannabis until 2022. The bill expunged low-level marijuana offenses. [Link] The number of US soldiers with serious sleep disorders is increasing. [Link] Mexico doubled the number of troops...

News Roundup 6/29/21

News Roundup 3/31/21

US News Two police officers threaten and handcuff a 5-year-old boy for leaving school without permission. [Link] The New York State Senate passed a bill that legalizes cannabis. The governor has signaled he will sign the bill. [Link] The US affirms its recognition of...



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