How to Stop a Civil War in the West

How to Stop a Civil War in the West Is it really a surprise that as the government gets bigger and bigger and bigger, everything in life becomes more and more hyper-political?   When you think about it, right, there are such profound differences that people have…you...

Medusian Liberty ft. Kym Robinson Ep. 213

Medusian Liberty ft. Kym Robinson Ep. 213 Has the liberty movement become too Christian and conservative? Is this trend alienating a large number of good libertarians? Is this trend self-defeating? Have we blinded ourselves with our own narrative? Aussie and regular contributor at...

Sanctions Are Inhumane – Now, And Always

Asli U. Bali and Aziz Rana at Boston Review on the brutality of sanctions and why they must end. The current covid-19 pandemic has exposed the brutality of the economic sanctions imposed on the world by the U.S. government. This current crisis reveals all of Trump's...

Your Window Tint is Too Dark

So government employee Daniel Wilkey is going to either anally rape you or forcibly convert you to protestant Christianity. Thin blue line baby. Without them there would be chaos.

Lebanon Civil War Explained for Dummies

Lebanon Civil War Explained for Dummies

In 1982, Israeli tanks crossed the border into Lebanon to hunt down the PLO.  It was supposed to be a quick simple mission to push the Palestinian resistance groups north 25 miles to protect Israel.  However, the mission quickly became more complicated with Israel...

Freedom Zealot Podcast July 2, 2016

George Takei is offended by the violation of what he sees as a dog's right to reject its owner's lifestyle -- and by a Christian business owner's exercise of that right with respect to his own.  The "gender revolution" has reached a stage in which those who try to...



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