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No Case for Closed Borders

Anyone who thinks the coronavirus pandemic destroys the case for open borders hasn't thought the matter through terribly far. Bryan Caplan explains here. Just to give a taste, in the name of excluding viruses from our shores, the government would have to stop...

Zerohedge’s CoronaVirus Twitter Ban

Zerohedge’s CoronaVirus Twitter Ban

Zerohedge, a famous financial news site, was banned from Twitter for posting “conspiracy theories” about the true cause of the Coronavirus.  What proof did they have?  Is the ban justified?  Tune in!

The Persistence of Tyranny

The Persistence of Tyranny

Seventy-five years ago this June, the United States Supreme Court corrected its own grave moral and legal error and ruled that the government could not compel Jehovah's Witnesses to salute the flag and take the Pledge of Allegiance at school. Justice Jackson's...

Practical Reasons to Support the Right to Free Speech

In the wake of tragedies like what happened in Charlottesville, one common impulse to demand new limitations on free speech. This reaction is predictable, understandable, and mistaken. The case for limiting free speech is straightforward enough. The Charlottesville...

UK PM Theresa May Offers More Bad Solutions to Terrorism

UK Prime Minister Theresa May Continues to show how not to respond to terrorism in the wake of recent attacks in Manchester and London. First, she advocated for cracking down on the Internet, and now she has suggested that human rights laws could get in the way of...

FDR’s Internment Policies Haunt Us

FDR's Wartime Violations of Civil Liberties Are Not a Good Precedent for Anything And you don't get points for not being as bad. Last night on The Kelly File, Carl Higbie, the spokesman for a pro-Trump PAC, defended the idea of a federal registry of Muslims by citing...



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