52 Progressive Myths – Book Summary

52 Progressive Myths – Book Summary

https://youtu.be/jnqYbimvhLo ... in the free market of voluntary exchanges, the “strong” do no devour or crush the “weak,” contrary to common assumptions about the nature of the free-market economy. On the contrary, it is precisely on the free market where the “weak”...

Is ‘Equality’ A Worthy Goal?

Is ‘Equality’ A Worthy Goal?

https://youtu.be/SzW2bGcIe2Q It is an absurd and pernicious doctrine of “justice” that each child should “start” absolutely equally. It is an anti-human position, since each child manifestly begins completely unequally — with unequal abilities and parents. If parents...

The Libertarian Case for Equality

The Libertarian Case for Equality

Can one consistently believe a majority of 535 congressmen have the right to coercively rule 330 million Americans, and believe in equality? If you believe one group should monopolize AR-15s and taxation, do you believe in equality? In this video, I attempt to refute...

Israeli Bizarro World

This is all perfectly normal and fine, you see: The Israeli Blue-White opposition co-chair Yair Lapid ventured into dangerous territory on Twitter last week, where he argued for “equality” and a “state of all its citizens”. This brought backlash not least from the...



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