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College: 4 Years of Labor for $0.00 an Hour

College: 4 Years of Labor for $0.00 an Hour

  Has it ever occurred to the "Fight for $15" Democratic Socialists that volunteer work and college violate their principle of "all work should render a $15 an hour wage"? College involves thousands of unpaid hours listening to trivial nonsense which no student...

Center-left Shit-Lib-ism is a Psychosis

Virginia Democrat wants to charge you with a crime and take your children away if you interfere with their government school convincing them to "change" their gender. When the revolution comes, I say we team up with the Communists to lock all the liberals in the...

Cop Beats Up Tiny 11-Year-Old Girl

Keep sending your children to government school, you idiots. "She took more milks than she was supposed to. She threw a milk on the ground!" --the cop, guilty criminal subhuman animal Zachary Christensen

Totalitarian Police State

Reason: When Teachers Call the Cops on Parents Whose Kids Skip Their Zoom Classes If there's one thing the public school system shouldn't be doing right now, it's making life even more hellishly difficult for parents. And yet many teachers in the state of...

How Dare You Put Your Kids In Government School?

Don't you know that government employees are monsters? It's because they face no accountability for their actions whatsoever, so they do things like assault and kidnap and traumatize helpless 7-year-old children because they like to. Also from the Free Thought Project...

Terrible Person Enrolls Child in Government School

But then she's surprised that they would abuse her tiny, helpless 6-year-old daughter. What did you think, lady, that they loved you and were here to serve you? Why don't you try to overcome your own government education for a minute and think about this for a minute,...

AOC: Definitely a Government School Graduate

It's so unfair that people have to go to bad government schools! she says. And so she moved to the burbs to get a good education; and so used her political juice to get a friend of the family into a charter school. (Charter schools are not the ideal at all, but at...

Oh, So That’s Why You-All Love Government So Much

I just couldn't figure it out. Why would people put their children in government school? Do they hate their own children? Yes, that must be it. They hate their own children, but fearing what the government will do to them if they beat them, they just turn them over to...



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