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Jacob Hornberger

California Govt Shuts Off Power in Middle of Heat Wave

As Jacob Hornberger says, only the government complains about having too many customers. In the most modern province of the most wealthy and powerful nation in the world, they can't even keep the f#%^&ng lights on and AC running in the summertime. What a...

LP Nominee: Amash vs. Hornberger

LP Nominee: Amash vs. Hornberger Analysis of how Justin Amash and Jacob Hornberger are spreading the message of libertarianism and voluntarism. ***See my interview with Hornberger here: ***** ... unlike private persons or fi rms, who obtain...

2020 Libertarian Party Stuff Will Not Be Covered Here

Because the Institute is a 501c3 and I have a conflict in that I am an unpaid adviser to Jacob Hornberger's campaign for president. So any interviews about this will have to be found at and writings at

Year Zero 77: The Benevolent State

Year Zero 77: The Benevolent State

For thousands of years the fight for liberty was waged against dictators and tyrants seen as gods or descendents of gods. Today the benevolence isn't limited to a man and his lifetime, but to a system outlasting any one man's life and legacy. Can the ideals known as...


June 19 and 20 I'm giving speeches at Porcfest in New Hampshire. On the 19th, I'm on with my friends, the great libertarian comedian Dave Smith and FFF president Jacob Hornberger. Then on the 20th I'm doing another talk on the wars.



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