News Roundup 12/30/21

News Roundup 12/30/21

Covid Georgia will spend $100 million to hire medical staff and deploy 200 National Guard soldiers to medical facilities. [Link] Over 3,000 Navy reserve sailors missed the deadline to take the covid vaccination. [Link] US News Illinois bars the state employee pension...

News Roundup 12/30/21

News Roundup 12/28/2021

Covid The CDC says people who test positive for covid but do not have symptoms only need to quarantine for five days. The CDC then recommends five days of mask-wearing.  The World Bank says nearly 100 million people fell into poverty during the covid pandemic. [Link]...

COI #192: American Backed Apartheid

COI #192: American Backed Apartheid

On COI #192, Kyle Anzalone and Connor Freeman discuss how Washington is provoking war on multiple fronts. Kyle reports that the NDAA is being held up in the Senate pending votes on myriad proposed amendments. Connor then covers NDAA amendments which seek to end U.S....

News Roundup 12/30/21

News Roundup 12/29/20

The House overrides Trump’s veto of the 2021 NDAA. The Senate will also likely override the veto. [Link] Biden calls for modernizing US defense capabilities to face China and Russia. [Link] A digital watchdog, the Sada Social Center, reports that Facebook is...

News Roundup 12/4/20

US News Democrats are pushing a Covid “relief” bill that spends $900 billion. The Republican leadership is pushing a $500 billion bill. [Link] Biden will call for Americans to wear masks for the first 100 days of his administration. [Link] The NDAA passed by Congress...



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