A Kind Word on Behalf of the Mexicans

“The immigration problem” or “the border problem” has been a heated topic of debate and politicking in recent years. (This recent spurt is only the most recent in a series that goes back for centuries in U.S. history.) In large part this debate pertains to the entry...

Thou Shalt Not Commit Acts of Unlicensed Charity

In keeping with the unofficial but universally enforced government mandate to obstruct human progress and cultivate misery, the Arizona State Government’s Board of Cosmetology is investigating a complaint against a cosmetology student from Tucson who has been giving...

Weight Training Has Made Me More Libertarian

I've lost 25lbs since April, and it's none of your business. Trust me, I am as loathe to discuss my personal issues with weight, body image, fitness and diet as you are to read about them. Nevertheless, I'm happy to share that tidbit about my physical transformation....



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