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US Sanctions Israel Group Attacking Aid Shipments

US Sanctions Israel Group Attacking Aid Shipments

Tzav 9 has targeted humanitarian aid trucks traveling through the West Bank to Gaza The US blacklisted an Israeli organization for interfering with aid shipments headed to Gaza. The group, Tzav 9, demands that no aid enter the Strip until all Israeli hostages are...

A Worthy Cause

At the LP convention a friend asked me to please publicize this GoFundMe for the kids of a lady he knows who recently died, Brittoni Estrella. She had been a great crusader against police abuse after they had killed her husband. Please do help out if you can.

News Roundup 5/6/2024

News Roundup 5/6/2024

Ukraine US Struggles to Unite Allies on Plan to Seize Russian Assets The Insitute  UK’s Cameron Says Ukraine Has the ‘Right’ To Use British-Provided Missiles To Hit Russian Territory AWC China NYT: US Covert Missile Launcher Could Lead to Xi’s Ouster AWC US Forming...



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