News Roundup 4/28/21

News Roundup 4/28/21

US News Louisiana police placed a GPS tracker on a woman’s car. When she removed it, they demanded the tracker back. [Link] In addition to the $2 trillion covid relief bill and the proposed $2 trillion infrastructure bill, Biden now wants to pass a $1.8 trillion bill...

Today’s Riot

I'm swamped editing the book, but just a couple quick things about today's riot at the capitol: Biden did not steal 5 states. Trump lost. That's the deal. Trump's refusal to concede and long delay before telling people to go home today is a goddam disgrace. Still, the...

Never Forget, Trump Is A War Criminal

Barack Obama is currently on tour for his new book, “A Promised Land,’ and as you would expect the interviews are nothing but fluff in which they bring up “hard-hitting” questions about his “historic presidency.” Uncle Hotep mentioned on the Thanksgiving episode of...

Fine By Me

CNN claims: Trump told ally he's trying to get back at Democrats for questioning legitimacy of his own election. Good. Fuck them. The Democratic Party should be outlawed for conspiring with the FBI and CIA to frame Trump for treason. They are the traitors to America...



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