Ralph Raico

A Liberal New Year’s Via Ralph Raico

It's a tough new year for me, with Trump and everything.  He, and his opponents, have made me feel like I live in crazytown more than anything else in recent history.   At least (per the recent "Vice" movie) Dick Cheney just seemed like a lying jerk. I was listening...

Ralph Raico Therapy

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mj2sy0WXNIk "For the first time Americans are now paying attention to foreign policy and they say, 'Wow, there are such crazy people in the world.  Here we were minding our own business... we were on a picnic when the thing happened,...

Ralph Raico, RIP

  My old friend and mentor Ralph Raico has died. He was 80. I cannot adequately describe how much I learned from him over the years: about liberalism, about how to be a historian, about how to lecture, about how to be an honest scholar. I will miss his wisdom, his...



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