Rand Paul

Rand Paul Blocks Schumer

Senator Rand Paul stopped an attempt by Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer from bringing a resolution to advance the senate vote on the house resolution to reverse President Trumps withdrawal of U.S. troops in Syria. Under Senate rules any one senator can try to set...

Rand Tries Diplomacy with Iran

Rand Tries Diplomacy with Iran

On FPF #377, I discuss Senator Rand Paul's attempt to engage in talks with Iran. Rand played a round of gulf with Trump and got the go-ahead to talk with the Iranian foreign minister. While Trump still seems committed to his maximum pressure campaign, the realistic...

Rand Paul Wants To Work Things Out With Iran

He wants Trump to make him an envoy to Iran. Sure hope the report is true. The hawks in it complain that it reduces "maximum pressure," but if the point is a "better deal" and not war, then they need to be able to discuss things then don't they? That's why the hawks...



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Last Rights: The Death of American Liberty

Last Rights: The Death of American Liberty

Americans today have “freedom” to be fleeced, groped, injected, harassed, surveilled, vilified, disarmed, beaten, detained, and maybe shot by federal agents. From hapless homeowners hit by SWAT raids to pandemic lockdowns pointlessly paralyzing lives, government...

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