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Rule of Law

Collateral Murder 2.0

Collateral Murder 2.0

When the footage of Reuters journalists and civilians were Wikileaked to the world, there was outrage. A shame exhibited by some in the American government caused them to reel from the crime that had been exposed, to downplay the prevalence of such murders, and...

Bovard’s Zestiest Zingers of 2023

2023 was another godsend for cynics. Here’s a round-up of my zestiest lines from my articles in the past year. Some lines were tweaked for this collection. Hearty thanks to Hunter DeRensis and editors at other outlets who ran those articles up the flagpole. "Telling...

The Savior and Revenge

The Savior and Revenge

Righteous vengeance often spurs rage that spills blood endlessly. In the 1998 film Savior, revenge and the brutality of war steers our "hero" Joshua Rose, played by Dennis Quaid, into his redemption. After losing his family in a terrorist attack, Joshua walks into a...



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