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state power

Cops Kill Man

Iraq War Vet Given the Abu Ghraib Treatment to Death "The two-hour-long tape shows what led up to the moment Edwards, a decorated veteran who served in Kosovo and Iraq, was strapped in a chair for 16 minutes, as he seemed to struggle to breathe, his chest heaving and...

Mandated Corporatism

Mandated Corporatism

In today's helter-skelter  political environment - entrenched in polarization, tribes scurrying to their respective corners to double down on the latest popular sentiment - it's hard to find a single subject all sides can come to an agreement on. Whether regarding...

America Is NOT A Product Of The Enlightenment

America is a product of the Christian Enlightenment. The Age of Reason led to many awful things such as the French Revolution and (eventually) the modernist thinking behind Marxism, Progressivism and Fascism.  The central premise of the Age of Reason is that there is...

The Marijuana Juggernaut Rolls On

Although most media coverage last November was on national elections — and especially the presidential election — most elections are actually for state and local offices. On the national level, voters choose two senators every six years, a president every four years,...



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