A Dog that Didn’t Bark

Not so long ago we might have been seeing public-service announcements like this: For the duration of the pandemic, please use the internet and your cell phone for essential purposes only. It is imperative that we keep the bandwidth open for emergency use. Thank you...

bitcoin is Dead: Part 2

bitcoin is Dead: Part 2

Click here for Part 1 For the audio version, check out my podcast A Boy Named Pseu where you can download it on all podcast platforms. (read starts at 8:54) Read full piece here. If bitcoin is dead, then everyone abandoned the network By mere speculation the, WSJ...

Ayatollah Khamenei: Nukes Are Haram

We already know that's been the edict in Iran since his predecessor, Ayatollah Khomeini, banned pursuit of nuclear weapons back in the 1980s. But here Khamenei is repeating it, again. “Building and stockpiling nuclear bombs is wrong and using it is haram (religiously...

Hong Kong Protestors Might Not Be Smart

We know the CIA is helping the protesters.  One.  We know China is amassing an army to send into Hong Kong (which will change everything for Hong Kong), and we know what China is willing to do to protesters with tanks.  Two.  Hong Kong's protesters have access to...

Girl Power!

For those of you that have daughters - keep them away from these people. I started Girl Security in 2016 to empower girls, from kindergarten through 12th grade, across the United States in national security. Responsibly empowering girls demands a robust approach....

The Future of Military Technology is Intense

But the future of the human race is in doubt. The Science of war is looking more like science fiction.  Technologies that were once confined to the fevered dreams of Hollywood sci-fi directors are becoming commonplace throughout projections of tomorrows military:...

Privacy Rights and Regulations

Privacy Rights and Regulations

I value my privacy. It is nearly always on my mind as I interact online, but also as I live in the so-called real world. In the evening, I pull the shades down. I just don't like having people watch me, whether I am reading a book, enjoying a television show, or...

Napster, File Sharing, and Private Property

Napster, File Sharing, and Private Property

In 1999, a teenager named Shawn Fanning creating a file sharing application called Napster which took the world by storm. This application revolutionized how MP3 audio files could be shared. Anybody who was into computers at that time can remember how amazing it was...

Tor and the So-Called Dark Web

Tor and the So-Called Dark Web

The word Tor comes from the acronym T-O-R which stands for The Onion Router. What the Onion Router--or Tor--does is it routes your internet traffic through multiple Tor nodes on its way to your destination. So, on the regular internet, what we call the clear web, if...



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