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The F35: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

“Soon after publication ‘Superiority’ was inserted into the Engineering curriculum of MIT, to warn the graduates that the Better is often the enemy of the Good, and the Best can be the enemy of both, as it is always too late.” - Arthur C. Clarke Superiority by Arthur...

Saturday Snippets 6 April 2024

Like all things, drone racing is the cutting edge of pressing the technology into the future, not government.It's these small and arcane subculture that drive innovation. Did I say not government? The Drone Racing League with tens of thousands of members. The market...

The Eternal Panopticon: The State as Predator

Lizard Farmer did an excellent synopsis of how the state stalks its prey. The observations are older but still germane. If London had this technology in 1770, America would not have been born and Paul Revere, the Committees of Correspondence and his colleagues would...

Poland Approves Framework for Massive HIMARS Purchase

Poland Approves Framework for Massive HIMARS Purchase

Warsaw took another step towards buying nearly 500 HIMARS launchers manufactured by  Lockheed Martin. The sale is part of Poland's massive military buildup. On Monday, Polish Defence Minister Mariusz Błaszczak announced the framework of the acquisition. "In line with...



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Last Rights: The Death of American Liberty

Last Rights: The Death of American Liberty

Americans today have “freedom” to be fleeced, groped, injected, harassed, surveilled, vilified, disarmed, beaten, detained, and maybe shot by federal agents. From hapless homeowners hit by SWAT raids to pandemic lockdowns pointlessly paralyzing lives, government...

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