Oh, fer cryin’ out loud

Caitlin Johnstone: They're Recycling The Viagra Rape Atrocity Propaganda They Used On Libya Of course in real life, it was American-backed LIFG terrorists who were the mass rapists.

Trump Wanted to Bomb Natanz

Last Thursday. Anonymous NYT sources, but disappointing enough to be accurate. Says Pompeo and Miller talked him out of it. And here, he wants to designate the Houthis as terrorists to make it harder for the Democrats to end the war in Yemen. #hope #change

Your Security Force: Just a Bunch of Terrorists

Here they try to steal a senile old woman's home over what they claim is a property tax bill of six cents. The mayor says it's the computer's fault and no human man is responsible. You can't hot tar and feather a computer. A mayor however...

America, F*ck Yeah!

CIA's former(?) "moderate" jihadist terrorists blast DoD's Kurdish YPG friends with U.S. TOW missile. https://twitter.com/CalibreObscura/status/1190711269197799425 You had better take your hat off and put it over your heart when we all sing government's special song...

It’s Not About Osama bin Laden

It’s Not About Osama bin Laden

On FPF #401, I argue that the war on terror is not about stopping and killing terrorists. From Afghanistan to the TSA at your local airport, what the government is doing to "prevent terrorism" is not about stopping the next 9/11. Most Americans still believe the...

Don’t Believe the Hype

Ben Armbruster has a great rundown over at the LobeLog of all the recent fake news stories about the "increased Iran threat" in the past couple weeks. Of course it all started with the Israelis, and if there was a kernel of truth to it at all it was that the Iranians...

Trump Names the IRGC ‘Terrorists’

Trump Names the IRGC ‘Terrorists’

On FPF #334, I discuss the Trump admin naming Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps a terror organization. I explain the false arguments used by the Trump admin to claim the IRGC supports terror groups. The move makes a conflict with Iran more likely.  Links Eric...



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