The Cold War

Record American Military Spending Tops Next 11 Countries Combined

Record American Military Spending Tops Next 11 Countries Combined

Global weapon expenditures hit a record $2.24 trillion in 2022, an increase of nearly 4%, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). The global watchdog found the trend was led by European countries returning to Cold-War spending levels, though the United States remained the world’s largest spender on war by far.

The Human Under the Numbers

The Human Under the Numbers

The story of Anne Frank is tragic. If not for the words that she wrote in her diary, she would be a digit of history. Her diary is relatable, and the thoughts that collected inside her being during a horrible time in history gives the reader an idea of who she was....

Hong Kong Protestors Might Not Be Smart

We know the CIA is helping the protesters.  One.  We know China is amassing an army to send into Hong Kong (which will change everything for Hong Kong), and we know what China is willing to do to protesters with tanks.  Two.  Hong Kong's protesters have access to...

William Arkin Quits NBC Over Their War Mongering

Bill isn't always right, but like 95% or something at least. Read his great "goodbye letter" here. For me I realized how out of step I was when I looked at Trump’s various bumbling intuitions: his desire to improve relations with Russia, to denuclearize North Korea,...

Christian Cold-Warriors’ Faustian Bargain

What motivated the legions of bureaucrats in the US Gov during the Cold War?  As a child of the 90s, and former Boy Scout, I can tell you that the answer is incredibly clear in the minds of that generation: defeating evangelical atheism.  I wouldn't discount the...



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