News Roundup 5/29/2023

News Roundup 5/29/2023

US News A senior defense official said America was ready to fight in space. The Guardian  Russia Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has asked Ukraine’s parliament to approve a bill that would put sanctions on Iran for 50 years over its alleged military support for...

News Roundup 5/29/2023

News Roundup 5/8/2023

Assange Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has expressed frustration over the Biden administration’s efforts to convict WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, an Australian citizen. AWC Russia The Pentagon has ordered more Javelin anti-tank missiles manufactured by...

News Roundup 5/29/2023

News Roundup 4/26/2023

US News Global weapon expenditures hit a record $2.24 trillion in 2022, an increase of nearly 4%, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). The global watchdog found the trend was led by European countries returning to Cold-War...

News Roundup 5/29/2023

News Roundup 4/20/2023

US News Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) is urging Republican leadership not to pursue legislation designed to ban TikTok, the video-sharing app owned by the Chinese company ByteDance. AWC On Wednesday, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. launched his presidential bid to challenge...

US Will Threaten Europe To Implement Sanctions on Russia

US Will Threaten Europe To Implement Sanctions on Russia

The White House plans to send a clear message to its European partners in the economic war against Russia, “you are either with us or against us.” Two US Treasury officials will visit European and Central Asian partners next month to demand all sanctions on Russia be implemented.

News Roundup 5/29/2023

News Roundup 4/5/2023

Venezuela Fernando Blasi, the new envoy for Venezuela’s US-backed opposition, is calling on the Biden administration to ease crippling sanctions on Venezuela, saying not doing so could turn the country into another Cuba, which has been under a US trade embargo since...



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