Upcoming Speaking Events

I've got alot of speeches coming up. Most to LP state conventions and/or Mises Caucus events. February 26 Utah March 6 Kentucky March 12 New Jersey March 20 Tennessee March 26 Delaware April 3 Connecticut April 8 Irving, Texas FloteFest: April 30 Gause, Texas LP...

Is Virtue Signaling Vicious?

Is Virtue Signaling Vicious?

Virtue signaling—the practice of highlighting what one takes to be one’s own moral superiority, often by loudly denouncing the character and comportment, including the speech, of other people—has become a dominant mode of rhetoric throughout social media and network...

A Nation of Snitches

Our countrymen. Largely confined to their homes and worried about the spread of the coronavirus and its risks to their own health or that of loved ones, a segment of the United States has turned informant, calling the police, public health authorities and the...

Stop the War on Yemen!

Today is the big day. Call Your Senator and Urge Them to Support Sentate Joint Res. 54 to invoke the War Powers Resolution to stop the war on Yemen! It's very easy. Call 1-833-786-7927. They'll automatically connect you. Then try to get everyone you know to call too....

The Prohibitionist Credo: Your Life is Ours to Control

The Prohibitionist Credo: Your Life is Ours to Control

In November 1933, abstemious and overwhelmingly Mormon Utah became the 36th state to ratify the 21st Amendment to the Constitution, which sealed the repeal of the 18th Amendment and ended the bizarre social engineering scheme called alcohol prohibition. In voting for...



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