How About Some Accountability

For cops that break the law and send innocent people to jail. Jason Arbeeny, a fourteen-year veteran of the NYPD, was convicted of planting crack on a innocent couple, but avoided jail yesterday with a teary apology. “I can’t look at myself in the mirror anymore,”...

Movie Review: The Report

Movie Review: The Report

On FPF #426, I review the recently released on Amazon movie, The Report. The movie tells the story of the CIA torture program after 9/11 and Daniel Jones' effort put together a report on the program. The movie is well done and generally gets the narrative correct. I...

lol wut

"I know in 2019, looking back at 2008, things look different," Acosta said, alleging that "today's world treats victims very, very differently." Hey, it was the 70s. Everyone was on ludes and reading old beat poets. We had brown paisley shirts with big lapels. Man it...



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