News Roundup

News Roundup 9/3/20

US News California's legislature voted down a bill that would help hold police officers accountable. [Link] Trump signs an order that prevents landlords from evicting people who make less than $99,000 a year. [Link] A US court rules the spying program exposed by...

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News Roundup 9/2/20

US News The DEA stole $43,000 from Stacy Jones as she attempted to travel through an airport. Jones is now a part of a class-action lawsuit against the DEA. [Link] Facial recognition systems make a large number of errors when people wear masks. [Link] The Department...

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News Roundup 9/1/20

US News The NYT ran a story claiming that Ron Rosenstein limited the scope of Mueller’s investigation. A top prosecutor from Mueller’s office said the NYT story was false. [Link] US Special Representative to Venezuela, Elliot Abrams, says the US is ready to tighten...

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News Roundup 8/31/20

US News At least 1,000 people in the US prison system have died from Covid. [Link] Venezuelan coup plotter Juan Guaido expects support from either Trump or Biden. [Link] The US is increasingly focusing on its European defense on the Arctic. [Link] The Trump...

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News Roundup 8/28/20

US News A Florida woman will get $4.6 million from the state after prison guards beat her until she was paralyzed. [Link] New Jersey police vandalized the car of a man who filed a complaint against the department. The car’s tires were smashed, and windows were broken....

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News Roundup 8/27/20

US News DNA evidence proves a man who spent 37 years in prison for rape is innocent. [Link] The cost of US nuclear weapons will skyrocket if the New State Treaty falls apart. The treaty is set to expire in 2021, and it will cost nearly half a trillion dollars. [Link]...

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News Roundup 8/26/20

US News Two people were killed in the third night of riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The riots started after police shot James Blake in the back seven times. Blake’s family announced he will survive but is paralyzed. [Link] Nearly five million Americans became gun owners...

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News Roundup 8/25/20

US News A judge rejected a police officer’s bid for qualified immunity. The police officer strip-searched a four-year-old while investigating a mother for leaving her kids in the car for a few minutes. [Link] A judge grants qualified immunity to a police officer who...

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News Roundup 8/24/20

US News Arizona police stole a $15,000 Jeep over an alleged $25 pot sale. [Link] A police officer who kneed a man in the face 20 to 30 times gets qualified immunity. [Link] John Durham’s investigation questioned John Brennan for eight hours. The investigation said...

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News Roundup 8/21/20

US News Steve Bannon has been arrested for defrauding donors to the “We Build the Wall” fundraiser. [Link] The US will use funds frozen by sanctions on Venezuela to fund the regime change effort against Maduro. [Link] UN Trump says the US will push for snapback...

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News Roundup 8/20/20

US News Facebook banned over 900 pages that tied to the Q-Anon theory. Facebook also restricted over 10,000 Instagram accounts and 2,000 Facebook groups for supporting Q. [Link] A Texas police department arrested a man who created a parody account of the police...

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News Roundup 8/19/20

US News Up to 40% of incoming college freshmen are delaying their first year. [Link] BlueLeaks documents reveal Wisconsin police were trained on spotting lies. However, the idea of being able to identify liars is junk science. The trainer, Reene Ellory, charges nearly...

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News Roundup 8/18/20

US News Schools are calling the child services on the families of students who do not attend online classes. [Link] Newly leaked documents published by BlueLeaks shows TikTok cooperates with US law enforcement in handing over information about users. The FBI and DHS...

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News Roundup 8/17/20

US News Joe Biden calls for a nationwide mask mandate. [Link] Minneapolis business owners are struggling to rebuild after riots because of city regulations. The regulations require businesses to prepay taxes to get a demolition permit. [Link] The Secret Service...

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News Roundup 8/14/20

US News The US bars charter flights to Cuba. The US is attempting to increase economic pressure on Cuba. [Link] The US will require dozens of Confucius Institute branches in the US to register as foreign agents. [Link] The US deploys three B-2 Spirit bombers to Diago...

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News Roundup 8/13/20

Europe The State Department IG finds that the US Ambassador to the UK, Woody Johnson, is inappropriate and ineffective. The report says he made inappropriate sexual statements and threatened to fire staff who gave him the bad news. The staff then felt they could not...

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Conflicts of Interest

Will Trump Bring US Troops Home From Iraq?

On FPF #536, Will Porter returns to the show to discuss Trump's Iraq policy. Trump ran for president on ending endless wars. However, he has failed to get the US out of a single conflict. He is again saying he would like to bring US troops home from Iraq. His own...

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Will the Israel-UAE Deal Lead to More Arm Sales?

On FPF #534, I cover several important stories in the news. Documents from BlueLeaks expose the government spending thousands on training police in junk sciences. Andy McCarthy writes in the National Review how Kevin Clinesmith's guilty plead also is an indictment of...

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Trump Ratchets Up the Maximum Pressure Campaign

Will Porter returns to FPF to discuss Trump's maximum pressure policy against Iran and Venezuela. Will explains how the US seized four oil tankers that were carrying oil to Venezuela. Iran responded with a lack of concern saying the oil was no longer being carried by...

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Did Trump Make Peace Between Israel and the UAE?

On FPF #532, I discuss Trump's announcement that the US mediated an agreement that will lead to Israel and the UAE normalizing relations. Details on the agreement remain unknown, but both sides are claiming this somehow allows for or prevents the annexation of the...

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Massive Explosion Escalates Lebanon Protests

On FPF #531, Will Porter returns to the show to discuss the ongoing unrest in Lebanon. Protests escalated after government negligence led to a massive explosion at the Bierut Port. The country's prime minister and his cabinet resigned, although they will remain in...

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Who Will Get Syria’s Oil?

On FPF #528, I discuss reports that an American company had signed an agreement with the Syrian Kurds to produce oil in Syria. The story was pushed by Secretary of State Pompeo and Senator Graham. However, the Syrian Kurds now say no agreement has been made. The Kurds...

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No Matter Who Wins in November, We All Lose

On FPF #527, Will Porter returns to the show to explain why it doesn't matter to Boeing CEO who wins in November. Will and Kyle how the US will continue to wage wars throughout the world and spend hundreds of billions of tax dollars on unnecessary weapons and wars....

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Kyle Anzalone

Kyle Anzalone is news editor of the Libertarian Institute, assistant editor of and co-host of Conflicts of Interest with Will Porter.

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