Prosecutors: The Worst Criminals in Our Society

From the Center on Wrongful Convictions (Imagine for a moment that this was about your mom or sister or wife): We are writing with the wonderful news that we have come to the end of the long road towards the exoneration of Ernestine “Tina” Jimerson, the first case...

News Roundup 8/5/20

News Roundup 8/5/20

US News Border Patrol raided an aid camp for migrants in the Arizona desert run by No More Deaths. Thirty illegal immigrants were arrested. The group believes the aid camp was targeted because No More Deaths published negative information about Border Patrol. [Link]...

News Roundup 8/5/20

News Roundup 3/17/20

US News The primaries in Ohio, Georgia, and Louisiana have been postponed due to coronavirus. The primaries in Florida, Illinois, and Arizona will be held today. [Link]The Senate passes a bill that will extend the life of three mass surveillance programs - including...

Cop Kills Man

They claim he pulled a gun, but the video does not show that. Only him dying. In other news, here's the security force over there in Arizona.



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