Inflation. Today’s inflammatory word of the day. Apparently, I’m permitted to share critical thought in this regard since I majored in Finance and Econ in college, correct? I haven’t written anything on today’s other hot topic, Ukraine. With 13 years of military...

The Immortality of Lobbyists

The Immortality of Lobbyists

Throughout much of human history, a political ruler was often considered to be only as good as his ability to distribute gifts, booty, and other material rewards to his most valuable and loyal servants. In the “barbarian” days of northern Europe, military men expected...

Is It Too Late To Buy Bitcoin w/Car

Is It Too Late To Buy Bitcoin w/Car

Car from Timeline Earth joined Tommy to discuss Bitcoin and the future of separation of currency and state. After Elon Musk and Tesla announced they will be accepting Bitcoin for purchases the price skyrocketed. Is this the peak? or just the beginning?...



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