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Why Libertarians Loathe Tariffs

Why Libertarians Loathe Tariffs

Former president and current Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump loves tariffs. In his 2011 book Time to Get Tough: Making America #1 Again, Trump included as part of his five-part tax policy “a 20 percent tax for importing goods.” During his first campaign...

Firing Blanks: The Pentagon as a Fiscal Disaster Factory

I have mentioned previously that the introduction of all the latest and greatest western weapons in the inventory given to the Ukraine would have some very deleterious effects in the future. One was permitting possible future antagonists to observe and and take...

The F35: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

“Soon after publication ‘Superiority’ was inserted into the Engineering curriculum of MIT, to warn the graduates that the Better is often the enemy of the Good, and the Best can be the enemy of both, as it is always too late.” - Arthur C. Clarke Superiority by Arthur...

US Transfers Weapons Seized in Middle East to Ukraine

US Transfers Weapons Seized in Middle East to Ukraine

US Central Command reported it had sent thousands of small arms and rocket launchers to Ukraine that it seized in the Middle East. The move comes as the White House is desperately seeking arms to send to Ukraine as Congress is yet to approve President Joe Biden’s $61...

News Roundup 3/26/2024

News Roundup 3/26/2024

Assange UK Court to Decide Tuesday If Julian Assange Can Appeal Extradition AWC Ukraine The DoD Used $300 Million in ‘Savings’ to Send Arms to Ukraine While Facing a $10 Billion Deficit The Institute  China Beijing Slams US for Getting Involved in China-India...



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