News Roundup 2/28/20

News Roundup 2/28/20

US News Senator Rand Paul says he has the support of Trump on changes to the FISA court to prevent it from authorizing surveillance of Americans. [Link]Joe Biden claimed several times to have been arrested in apartheid South Africa while supporting Nelson Mandela. No...

Pearl Harbor, Truth, And Government

Did FDR "do" Pearl Harbor?  Is Global Warming "fake"? Big complicated ideas can be easily framed to one side or another through sophistry.  But what is "truth"? I have been a "obviously the Roosevelt administration sought a policy of provoking Japan into war, but Bob...

News Roundup 6/13/17

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals rules against Trump's travel ban. [Link] Senate Democrats will join with Rand Paul in opposing a weapons sale to Saudi Arabia. The vote on the weapons sale could occur this week. [Link] Alexei Navalny and over 1000 other protesters...

News Roundup 5/19/17

Ray McGovern explains former FBI Director Mueller's love for mass data collection. [Link] Only 6% of those arrested by ICE since Trump took office are convicted violent criminals. [Link] Philippines President Duterte has imposed a countrywide ban on public smoking....



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