Elizabeth Warren

Reddit Is Cancer

I know there's nowhere else to go, but reasonable people just need to quit Reddit. Recently they have comprehensively banned and quarantined (funny wording) all talk of the coronavirus that does not refer to either 1) government press releases or 2) mainstream media...

Elizabeth Warren is a Racist

Against anyone in Israel's way: "[O]ver time realities are bearing down on Israel, demographic realities, births and deaths. What the region looks like." Philip Weiss: "Warren parrots the 'demographics' talk that would be the death penalty for a liberal politician in...

Warren Bill Puts IRS Before Taxpayers

Warren proposal would leave poor Americans to mercy of IRS If you believe the IRS should be even more expensive, inefficient and bloated, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren has a plan for you. Last year, Warren concocted the so-called “Tax Filing Simplification Act.”...



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