News Roundup 5/26/20

News Roundup 5/26/20

US News New CDC estimate finds that less than .3 percent of people who contract coronavirus will die from it and up to 35 percent of people who get it will never show symptoms. [Link] After the US announced it would leave the Open Skies Treaty, the other NATO members...

News Roundup 5/26/20

News Roundup 4/8/20

US News DHS announces the implementation of the REAL ID Act will be delayed by a year to October 2021. [Link] The Acting Secretary of the Navy Thomas Modly resigns. Modly fired the captain of the USS T Roosevelt last week. Then, Modly addressed the ship slamming its...

Argentina’s Faux “Neoliberalism”

Argentina’s Faux “Neoliberalism”

On August 11, 2019, the presidential ticket of Alberto Fernández and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner pulled off a major electoral upset against incumbent President Mauricio Marci in the Argentine primary elections. Based on their performance last month, they’ll be able...

The Great Hypocrisy of Libertarians and Conservatives

It’s nearly impossible in the modern social-welfare state for a believer in limited government (aka limited coercion and theft) not to be a hypocrite. Take Social Security and Medicare.  After being forced to pay into the programs over a working life, most people...



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