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News Roundup 2/26/19

US Foreign Policy Trump nominates US Ambassador to Canada Kelly Craft to be the Ambassador to the UN. [Link] Mikhail Gorbachev warns about the concerning status of nuclear weapons treaties. [Link] Pat Buchanan explains how foolish it would be for the US to attempt...

WSJ: Cuba, Nicaragua Next

U.S. Push to Oust Venezuela’s Maduro Marks First Shot in Plan to Reshape Latin America "The Trump administration’s attempt to force out the president of Venezuela marked the opening of a new strategy to exert greater U.S. influence over Latin America, according to...

Trump’s Venezuela Fiasco

Trump’s Venezuela Fiasco

Last week President Trump announced that the United States would no longer recognize Nicholas Maduro as president of Venezuela and would recognize the head of its national assembly, Jose Guaido, as president instead. US thus openly backs regime change. But what has...

News Roundup 12/26/18

News Roundup 12/26/18

The 800 page Farm Bill Trump recently signed is filled with trash. The bill includes a rule that prevents the House from voting on a bill to end the War in Yemen and several new farm subsidies. [Link] Trump Tweets Patrick Shanahan will be acting Defense Secretary...

FPF #263 – Nukes

On FPF #263, I discuss the nuclear arms relationship between the US and Russia. NSA John Bolton appears determined to pull the US out of the INF Treaty. Bolton played a role in the withdraw from a nuclear treaty with Russia as a member of the Bush Administration. Vice...

News Roundup 9/26/18

A Florida police officer has been exposed for planting drugs on innocent people. Several of the officer's victims are having the charges dropped. [Link] The FAA Reauthorization Bill give the government the power to spy on and shoot down privately owned drones. The...



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