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News Roundup 5/15/2022

News Roundup 5/15/2022

US News The VA purchased 10,000 iPhones and 85% were wasted sitting in storage. [Link] Russia Belarus says Western sanctions will block between $16-$18 billion in exports. [Link] Rand Paul is blocking the Senate from passing the $40 billion Ukrainian aid bill. Paul is...

News Roundup 4/27/2022

News Roundup 4/27/2022

US News Minneapolis police used social media to surveil black residents unrelated to crimes. [Link] Increasing fuel prices will cost the Pentagon an additional $3 billion in 2022. [Link] The Army will spend at least $8 billion over the next five years to develop a...

News Roundup 4/27/2022

News Roundup 4/19/2022

US News Vice President Harris announces a self-imposed ban on testing anti-satellite weapons. [Link] NATO begins its annual cyberwar games. [Link] Russia-Ukraine The Czech Republic will repair damaged Ukrainian military equipment. [Link] Treasury Secretary Janet...



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