News Roundup 1/18/2024

by | Jan 18, 2024

News Roundup 1/18/2024

by | Jan 18, 2024

US News

  • OpenAI Cuts ‘Military and Warfare’ Ban From Permissible Use Policy AWC
  • Biden White House Set Up Secrative Court to Oversee Privacy Rights Politico


  • Defense Secretary: UK in Pre-War Phase With Several Nations AWC


  • Ukraine Ground Forces Commander Says His Troops are on ‘Active Defense’ AWC
  • Zelensky Pushes Unrealistic ‘Peace Formula’ in Davos AWC


  • North Korea Labels South Korea a ‘Principal Enemy,’ Will No Longer Work Toward Reconciliation AWC


  • Israeli Defense Minster: ‘Intensive Phase’ of Ground Offensive in North Gaza Is Over AWC
  • Biden Ignores Palestinian Deaths in Statement on 100 Days of Gaza War AWC
  • Israel Buys Tech for Mass Influence Operations Haaretz
  • Israeli Military Warns West Bank “On Brink of Implosion” Haaretz 
  • Israel Can Now Detain Palestinians Without a Lawyer for Half a Year Haaretz
  • Senate Votes Down Bernie Sanders Resolution to Probe Israel’s Gaza Slaughter AWC
  • Israel Government Divided on Making a Deal to Free Hostages and End the War in Gaza WSJ
  • War in Gaza Will Cost Israel About 10% of GDP BI
  • Report: Netanyahu Says Israel’s Campaign in Gaza Could Continue Into 2025 AWC
  • Israel Has Over 3,000 Detained Palestinians Without Charge or Trial France24
  • California Senator Says Calling for a Ceasefire in Gaza is “Dehumanizing Language” LA Times
  • Israeli Forces Attacking Near Largest Reaining Hospital in Gaza and Cause Major Damage to Second Facility Reuters
  • Israeli Drone Strikes on West Bank Refugee Camps Kill 9 Palestinians MEE
  • White House “Looking Past Netanyahu” for Solutions in Middle East NBC News


  • Israel Pounds Southern Lebanon With Airstrikes, Artillery AWC

Middle East

  • Tehran Orders Strikes in Pakistan, Islamabad Responds with Strikes in Iran WashPo
  • New Caucus Forms in Congress to Support Iranian Exiles Formally Listed as Terror Group RS
  • Iraq, Pakistan Protest Iranian Missile Strikes on Their Territory AWC
  • Iraqi PM Says Country No Longer Needs International Soldiers WSJ
  • Iran Launches Ballistic Missile Strikes in Iraq and Syria AWC
  • New Jersey National Guard Prepares to Deploy to Iraq and Syria Amid Attacks AWC


  • Houthi Missile Hits US-Owned Cargo Ship in Gulf of Aden AWC
  • Two US Navy SEALs Missing After US Seized Alleged Iranian Weapons Shipment to the Houthis AWC
  • US-UK Airstrikes Force Aid Groups to Suspend Operations in Yemen AWC
  • Houthis Say Terrorist Label Will Not Deter Their Commitment to Blocking Israeli-Linked Red Sea Shipping Newsweek
  • US Re-Designates Houthis as ‘Specially Designated Global Terrorists’ AWC
  • US Conducts Fourth Round of Strikes Against Houthis AP AWC
  • Houthis Attack Another US-Owned Commercial Vessel in Gulf of Aden AWC
  • Biden Admits Bombing Yemen Is Not Stopping Houthis But Says He Will Continue Ordering Strikes The Hill

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