Parenting is a Culture Issue w/Tyler Janke

Parenting is a Culture Issue w/Tyler Janke

Tyler Janke, a family law attorney and host of Libertarian Pod Review, joined me to discuss family law, personal experiences with the courts, the culture around family, and our solutions. Early on in the conversation we had some connection issues, but we got them...

The Hard Work w/Shane Hazel

The Hard Work w/Shane Hazel

I’ve had Shane on my radar for quite a while, and I’ve wanted to chat with him. I never imagined it would be this fun. Shane and I discuss parenting, homesteading, and carpentry for an episode I hope inspires everyone to learn how to read a tape. The Radical Pod 19...

Kamala Harris is a Cop

Reason: Harris admits in the CNN interview that she had a homeless mother of three who was working two jobs arrested when her kids missed school—but she insisted that this was for the woman's own good. (The idea that having to take time off work to meet with...

Stop Criminalizing Parenthood

Stop Criminalizing Parenthood

When I was young, I had a paper route. It was actually my big brother’s but he subcontracted to me part of the route closest to our house and gave me the appropriate portion of his earnings. I had about three streets I was responsible for and diligently delivered our...



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