Supply Chains, Trucking, and Inflation w/Gord

Supply Chains, Trucking, and Inflation w/Gord

Gord joined me to discuss the work he's been doing, and how the trucking industry is being affected by federal regulations. Gord Substack Discord Year Zero YouTube Libertarian Institute 19 Skills Pdf Autonomy Course Critical Thinking Course Patreon Subscribe at Rumble...

Doctors In Italy: We No Longer Help Those Over 60

This is why people that work in U.S. health care are trying so hard to keep the number of cases down.  When medical systems become overwhelmed, they have to make heartbreaking decisions about who lives and who dies. "As his department receives coronavirus patients who...

Violence, Rights, and Front Yard Gardens

Violence, Rights, and Front Yard Gardens

I was reading the news a few weeks ago and stumbled upon a bizarre headline. It read, "FL Senate gives right to grow veggies in the front yard a green thumbs up." As I read it, I really wanted to be happy. I love it when people grow their own food. In general, I love...

Privacy Rights and Regulations

Privacy Rights and Regulations

I value my privacy. It is nearly always on my mind as I interact online, but also as I live in the so-called real world. In the evening, I pull the shades down. I just don't like having people watch me, whether I am reading a book, enjoying a television show, or...



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