I Think I Finally “Get” The Economy

So more big Fed cash floods into the market? Back during QE2 you had partisan hack Krugman rationalizing it all (though QE had little to do with his Keynesian philosophy).  Guys like Bob Murphy were saying, "Yep, this is it, get ready for the inflation."  And then it...

Women’s Soccer is a Financial Loser

Women’s Soccer is a Financial Loser

On July 29, 2019, U.S. Soccer president Carlos Cordeiro released an open letter and fact sheet addressed to “Friends, Colleagues and Supporters of U.S. Soccer.” Though he spends much of the letter emphasizing the organization’s commitment to “equal pay for equal...

Trump to Athletes: You Didn’t Build That

Trump to Athletes: You Didn't Build That

It might not be a race issue and it’s certainly not a free speech issue.  An employer should have every right to negotiate the terms of employment with the employee, which may include not being allowed to protest at work. The NFL has made it against the rules for...



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