Taiwan Sending Armed Drones to Ukraine Through Poland

Taiwan Sending Armed Drones to Ukraine Through Poland

Taiwanese outlet CM Media reports Taipei is sending arm drones to Kiev. The outlet reported Poland is being used as a cutout. Defense Post writes, Dronevision’s Revolver 860 is a vertical takeoff and landing rotor drone capable of carrying eight mortars, according to...

The Worlds Largest Arms-Producing Companies

No surprise. I don't expect this to change under Biden (or any president). While he didn't make the worse pick for Secretary Of Defense, he did pick an ex-military four star general that took the all to common career path. Military - head of Centcom - retire - work...

Pompeo’s Latest Iran Scheme

Well, it's an article by David Sanger in the New York Times, so who knows if a single word of it is true. But what it says is that the U.S. plans on reentering the Iran nuclear deal of 2015, just to try to force a "snap-back" of the UN sanctions regime and ban on...

You Better Buy Your Bullets Now Boys

They're going fast. Our friends over at have a great study of the increases of all their sales since late February. It's not going to last. After the Obama scare of 2012, guns and ammo were wiped out completely for months. This could be even worse. Maybe...

The Steal of the Century

The Steal of the Century

On FPF #449, I cover some of the details of Trump's "Deal of the Century" and explain why it is meant to be rejected by the Palestinians. While Trump claims the deal creates a Palestinian State, the deal actually gives limited autonomy to a collection of several...

This Isn’t Going To Fit The Current Narrative

More calls for gun control after Philadelphia standoff with police but this man was a convicted felon.  What specific laws could have stopped him since he was apparently undeterred by laws we currently have - confiscation, ending all gun sales, tougher sentencing...

Trump should be impeached for

Bypassing congress and sending more arms to Saudi Arabia and UAE "The Trump administration on Friday invoked a rarely used provision of American arms control laws to sidestep Congress and authorize billions of dollars in weapons sales to key Middle East allies,...

The World’s Top Weapons Seller

The World’s Top Weapons Seller

On FPF #322, I discuss a report finding that the US sold more weapons than any other country. I explain how the elites behind the military-industrial complex benefit from the US welling weapons to 98 countries in 2018. The weapon makers buy influence in the US to help...



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