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Greenwald Interviewed on His Charges

In The New Yorker: The case against you relies in part on the claim that you helped in “facilitating the commission of a crime.” Did you do anything to encourage the hacking of cell phones or other devices? No. In fact, when the source first talked to me, he had...

FPF #256 – Brett Kavanaugh

On FPF #256, I discuss new Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh's foreign policy. I explain how Kavanaugh's positions on presidential war powers are dangerous. Kavanaugh supports the Patriot Act, ignoring international treaties, and federal officials violating...

Unlawful Shield

Check out Cato's great new project Unlawful Shield, "Dedicated to Abolishing Qualified Immunity." "Qualified immunity is a legal doctrine invented out of whole cloth by the U.S. Supreme Court that protects government agents, including particularly law enforcement...



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