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Read The Dire Coronavirus Report Given To Donald Trump

We are going through tough situations together this year. The first is the market meltdown and the second is the coming coronavirus storm. That latter situation has now come to the forefront with restrictions happening across the country. Where I live schools are...

America: Ruthless Totalitarian Police State

Don't worry! This story is about something the government did to someone else. It could never happen to you or anyone you care about so don't waste another minute caring, okay? Okay. No, seriously though, keep your family away from Crestwood Medical Center in...

bitcoin is Dead: Part 4

bitcoin is Dead: Part 4

Click here for Part 3 For the audio version, check out my podcast A Boy Named Pseu where you can download it on all podcast platforms. (read starts at 8:54) Read full piece here. If bitcoin is dead, then Nigerians aren’t living off it Bitcoin is empowering the...

The Dangerous Chinese Fork Manufacturing Gap

It's a matter of national security! CNBC: "How a tiny flatware manufacturer in upstate New York could win big from $738 billion defense bill": “Manufacturing in general is a strategic asset for our country,” Roberts said. “If you can’t make things, you rely on other...



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