The Patriot Act

News Roundup 11/21/19

News Roundup 11/21/19

US News Illinois has collected over $1 billion from tickets issued by red-light cameras. [Link] The Democrats introduced a bill that extends the Patriot Act for three months. [Link] Hunter DeRensis breaks down ambassador Sondland’s impeachment hearing. He explains it...

Liberty at the Movies: Vice

Liberty at the Movies: Vice

Vice tells the story of how Richard Chaney went from being expelled from Yale and drinking and fighting in his spare time to becoming the most influential Vice-President in history. Written and directed by Adam McKay who also directed The Big Short, Vice employs the...

The Antiwar Comic: Every School Kid Knows

Today's Antiwar Comic is more of a civics lesson than anything else.  It occurred to me that we teach all this high and mighty wonderful stuff about America and it's kinda b.s. For more comics visit the Webcomic Factory.

Hey, Trump: Pardon Snowden!

During his first days as president, Barack Obama pledged to protect government whistleblowers. In fact, even highlighted this stance saying, “Often the best source of information about waste, fraud, and abuse in government is an existing government employee...



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