World War II

Congress Ought to Expel Adam Schiff

Congress Ought to Expel Adam Schiff

With each new release of the “Twitter Files” we learn more and more about the deep corruption in Washington. We sensed during COVID that something was really wrong—for example the bizarre denial of natural immunity. But thanks to Elon Musk’s decision to open the...

News Roundup 1/13/2023

News Roundup 1/13/2023

Russia Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov said last week that Ukraine is “shedding blood” for a “NATO mission” in candid remarks about the relationship between Kyiv and the Western military alliance. AWC Poland’s president said Wednesday that Warsaw has...

News Roundup 1/13/2023

News Roundup 1/6/2023

Venezuela Venezuela’s opposition on Friday voted to remove Juan Guaido as the “interim president” and to dissolve the US-backed “interim government,” a move that came after resuming talks with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. AWC Venezuelan President Nicolas...

News Roundup 1/13/2023

News Roundup 12/20/2022

Russia Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has again come out in favor of negotiations to end the war in Ukraine in an article for The Spectator titled “How to Avoid Another World War.” AWC One civilian was killed, another eight people were wounded, and a...

News Roundup 1/13/2023

News Roundup 12/13/2022

Russia A weekend dispute in northern Kosovo has fueled a new round of controversy, and tensions, as the Kosovar military threatened to move against ethnic Serbs who were blocking the road, leading to a standoff. AWC NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said that...



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